The Other Woman

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Imagine saying to your bride-to-be that you could not possibly be monogamous as you are already in a relationship and that she would have to share you with the other woman. I can tell you for certain that you would definitely have her undivided attention. This is how I began to explain, to my life partner Djanka, my relationship with photography and thankfully as it turned out  she welcomed the other woman and enabled her growth immeasurably.  I was entranced from childhood with the magic of photography and at seventeen she became my full time mistress. Though in recent times she has been a wily and unpredictable beast to tame we continue to embrace her potential to bring joy, insights, understanding, and abundance into our lives. She continues to morph between an adventurous and passionate lover to an unyielding task master, determined to push me through a paradigm shift. In the beginning she preyed on naive ambition and now she is determined to be my teacher.

“Time Surfer” from the Whalebone Project © 2009 Edward Gajdel