Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal

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When I received the call from my MP’s office attempting to inform me that I have been awarded the 60th Anniversary Queens Jubilee Medal I unleashed a barrage of questions upon the messenger to ensure this was not  some elaborate marketing ploy designed to sell me personalized Royal Doulton mouse pads. Though he tried to assure me it wasn’t I immediately called Djanka to alert her to this creative scheme. Now any one who knows Djanka will attest that her bullshit filter is finely tuned and she could confirm my suspicions immediately however what she confirmed was that our dear, long time friend  Hamlin Grange  had nominated me and this was not a hoax.

At this time I felt myself embarking on a hot air balloon ride through a strata of emotions. Distant karmic propensities like the nagging doubt of being worthy enough or the false pride of being special were the dark clouds I was descending through. The worst of them was the thought of standing on a stage with individuals whose measure of achievement could easily obscure mine.

It wasn’t until the completion of the official ceremony during the evening of our celebration at home with friends and family that I felt a beautiful and powerful appreciation wash over me. As I watched the medal being passed from hand to hand, almost in slow motion, I could see the threads of energy dancing around tying all of us together in a network of light. This medal seemed to posses an energetic footprint that was beyond us extending outward and connecting us to the intention set out by Queen Elizabeth II. To honour the spirit of service to others is indeed a noble intention and one that was not lost on us despite the joyous banter that filled our home. Distant karmic propensities were silenced and for the first time I felt free of false modesty and crippling doubt and I could see this award for what it was, a beautiful entanglement of family, friends and community near and far. This elegant piece of brass is now my reminder that I have been woven into the fabric of this incredible country and though it is I that gets to wear it, it  is you that makes it so meaningful for me.

Portrait by Hana Gartner, photoshop tomfoolery by me

Portrait by Hana Gartner, photoshop tomfoolery by me